Dr. Ellen’s life-changing programs have been sold throughout the United States and English-speaking countries around the globe. This revolutionary program has shown hundreds of thousands of couples how to bring back the feelings that they had when they first fell in love.

Faster Than Marriage Counseling

What Dr. Ellen offers is so much faster and more effective than traditional marriage counseling. It doesn’t matter if you have heard the words, “I’m not in love with you anymore,” or “I don’t feel the same way about you,” or “I need some space.” Dr Ellen will prove to you that feelings CAN change, and without the expense of marriage counseling.

If both of you were in love in the beginning, her marriage counseling alternative can get you to feel like that again, no matter what your mate has said or how disconnected you are right now.

Here is Dr. Ellen’s promise to you: No matter what your situation is, or what you are going through, she can help you.

Many marriage counselors don’t tell you a thing about themselves because they are either not married or have been divorced several times. They are giving marriage counseling advice to others when they can’t even make their own lives work.

There is nothing that Dr. Ellen’s programs will teach you that she hasn’t done or said herself. There is no one on this planet that has saved more marriages than she has with her unique marriage counseling programs.

On this site you can listen to excerpts of her work so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you will never find anything else that is even a close second to the marriage counseling alternative offered to you here. You can click GO right now and watch Dr. Ellen’s TV interview. That way you will know in your heart why you found this site.

Easier Than Marriage Counseling

The program is EASY, FUN, ENTERTAINING and the best investment you will ever make. It is available in a beautiful boxed CD set or you can download the audio files to your computer to learn from them, or move them to a portable device like an IPad or a smart phone.

If you’re a woman, you deserve to have a man who loves you with all his heart and soul. Light His Fire for women, which is more effective than marriage counseling, is guaranteed to make that happen.

If you’re a man, you deserve to have a woman who loves you with all her heart and soul. Light Her Fire for men, which is also more effective than marriage counseling, is guaranteed to make that happen.

Keep in mind that your mate doesn’t have to do a thing. You can get started right away with your own program and they’ll start responding to the “new” you.

Once you start listening, you’ll find that within 24 hours of following my advice, your situation will begin to change for the better. Guaranteed!